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FAQ List

  • What the heck is this site?
    The Task Planner / Job Scheduler from OnlineClock.net is free online tool that lets you set a certain amount of time within which a task should be completed. You can choose to track your task's time by scheduling a deadline using either a timer or an alarm clock.

  • How do I use the Task Planner?
    Enter in the name of the task you want to complete. Then, choose either a length of time as your deadline for the either the alarm clock or timer functions. Finally, click the button on the bottom marked "Schedule Task". That's it! You're off and running...go out there and get more done, using our free tool.

  • Should I choose to use the Alarm Clock function or the Timer function?
    The Alarm Clock function in our Task Scheduler is designed for more long-term deadlines up to 24 hours in length. When you choose to schedule your task using this function, the current time is displayed on the screen for the entire time. The Timer function, on the other hand, is designed for more short-term deadlines with deadlines up to 90 minutes in length. The Timer lets you PAUSE your task in case you need to take a break.

  • What are the technical requirements for using this site?
    For the sound of our alarm to be played, you'll need to install the free Flash browser plugin which is already installed in most web browsers.. If you don't have Flash installed, you can download it here:

  • Can I extend the amount of time for my scheduled task?
    Yes, we have built in a kind of snooze function that lets you either choose a new alarm time, thus extending the deadline for your task if you need to do so.

  • Can I send a task to a friend?
    Yes, by taking a look at the querystring structure of the URLs for the timer and alarm clock functions, you can easily bookmark these links and then send them to friends! Try it...

  • How can I get more help if I need it?
    If you discover a bug on our website or would like to send us feedback, please do so! You can reach us via email at: info [ at ] OnlineClock [ dot ] net. More information on OnlineClock.net can be found here: http://onlineclock.net/about/

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